High-Touch Developmental Experience.
Accurate Assessment of Readiness and Potential.

During WWII, the CIA developed espionage agents using a live simulation. Cadets received a dossier and role-played with trained actors. Psychologists observed who would break their story during mock interrogations.

Imagine a day-in-the-life leadership simulation – today, you are the new executive of a company on the verge of bankruptcy. What’s your strategy to turn the business around? The phone rings and there is your key VP (actual live human actor) threatening to leave.

Without Pinsight’s disruptive technology, these simulations cost $10,000 per person and take 1-2 days to complete. We moved them online, streamlined to 3 hours, and dramatically reduced the cost while delivering even better results.

Now you can give all your leaders day-in-the-life, developmental experiences without the $10,000 price tag.

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One-Click Deployment Around the World in Multiple Languages.

Across the globe, speaking English, French, or Spanish, your participants can go through the simulation in 48 hours. It takes one click.


Pick a timeslot from an email invitation


Review the business case study


Lead a simulated company, role-play with live
human actors on webcam, send and receive emails.


Get assessment feedback in 24 hours.

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"The actors were great to interact with.
It really does give it a vibe unlike normal simulations"

~ IT Manager, Denver

80% Less Expensive And 40% More Accurate
Than In-Person Assessment Centers.


Travel & assessment cost savings per project.


Employee replacement cost savings due to lowered turnover.


Return on investment

100+ Companies Assess and Develop Their Leaders
with Pinsight Simulations.

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Why Pinsight Simulations?


It's realistic and challenging.

Easy to Use

No special training or
certification required.

In the Cloud

Access assessment analytics
from any tablet of PC.


Customized to your
competency model.

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