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Our mission is to bring fairness to leader selection, development, and succession. We are leveling the playing field.


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What We Do

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Leader Selection

Interviews and tests only tell a partial story. We go beyond first impressions. We believe that fair assessments give candidates a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and give you scientifically validated data to make the best hiring and promotion decisions.

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Leadership Development

We believe that every person has untapped potential and, with the right plan, can become a great leader. We lean on science to personalize development to every leader’s unique strengths and needs. And to create lasting change, we employ a continuous process of daily practice.

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Succession Planning

Succession decisions are often plagued with guesses and personal preferences. We believe in a fair, evidence-based process that gives you objective data, so that you can identify true high-potentials and develop your next generation of leaders faster.

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Award-Winning Technology


Our award-winning leadership assessments and leadership development solutions combine the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science to meet the increasingly complex challenges of global corporations. Learn More

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People Insights We Provide

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Readiness for leadership

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9-box placement

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Bench strength for succession

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Skill gaps for development

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Potential to grow

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Personality traits

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Learning agility

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Leadership competencies