About Pinsight 

Pinsight has an impressive record of developing first-to-market disruptive talent management solutions. These combine sophisticated technology and data analytics with validated psychological methodologies to meet the increasingly complex talent-management challenges of large organizations around the world. We continue to make significant investments in new product and software development. 


Pinsight – The Company

Although we are a relatively young software-as- a-service company, Pinsight has emerged as a key disruptor in the human resource talent management arena. Through significant investments in new product and software development, we combine the latest technology and data analysis with decades of behavioral psychology theory and our own groundbreaking research to meet the increasingly complex talent-management challenges of Fortune 100 companies and other large organizations throughout the world.. 

Pinsight launched the first stand-alone (not just “technology enhanced”) virtual simulation platform for evaluating leadership skills and potential—a solution that made accurate, objective simulation assessments both scalable and affordable. Our latest innovation, the Pinsight leader readiness platform, combines our award-winning simulations and talent analytics with a continuous development and tracking module to create another industry first—a fully integrated strategic leadership management solution. 

The continuous-development component of Pinsight’s leader readiness platform incorporates a new, more effective approach to improving leadership skills that harnesses the power of habits. This system was developed by our CEO, Martin Lanik, PhD, based on his extensive field research, and is explained in his new book, The Leader Habit (AMACOM, April 2018). 

Headquartered in Denver, USA, Pinsight takes pride in being a “virtual” company with employees and contractors based around the world. Our diversity is reflected in the multi-lingual availability of our software and the global nature of our client base. 



Martin Lanik, CEO

Martin Lanik - CEO Pinsight Virtual Assessment Ceneter

Pinsight was founded by its CEO, Martin Lanik, whose leadership-development solutions have received awards from Chief Learning Officer and Brandon Hall. Martin’s solutions have been utilized by over 100 of the most recognizable corporations (including AIG, CenturyLink, Coca-Cola, Henkel, and Kia) and have helped thousands of leaders in 30 countries build stronger skills. Martin has written numerous articles and book chapters and is the author of The Leader Habit (AMACOM, April 2018), in which he shares the surprisingly simply 5-minute exercises that can turn anyone into an effective leader. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has been quoted in media outlets around the world. Martin holds a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from Colorado State University.