Now you can give all your leaders day-in-the-life, developmental experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Make Accurate Succession Decisions.
Get Your Leaders Ready Faster.

Immerse participants in a simulated company and see them role-play challenging leadership situations with live human actors. Pinsight’s disruptive technology streamlines the process, moves it online, so that leaders at all levels and companies of all sizes can benefit.

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From Front-Line Managers to Senior Executives.
Different Simulations for Different Levels.

Whether you are looking to develop your front-line managers or identify successors for senior executive roles, we have a simulation ready to meet your needs.

Senior Executive Simulation

Designed for senior executives who set the vision and strategy.

Mid-Level Leader Simulation

Designed for managers of managers tasked with implementing and executing strategy.

Front-Line Manager Simulation

Designed for managers of individual contributors who delegate work to their teams.

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The Most Accurate Assessment of Readiness and Potential.

Make better succession decisions with Pinsight’s rigorous assessment. Every click and action is recorded and analyzed. Our certified assessors observe over 250 leadership behaviors. Integrated data analytics assess participants’ readiness and potential.

Behavioral Observations Personality Learning Agility Ease of Development
If participants show strengths on critical competencies, they are ready now. If they have development gaps, we estimate their potential. First we analyze how naturally the skill comes with their personality. Second, we examine their openness and ability to learn. Third, we determine how easy or difficult it is for them to develop the skills.
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Competency Assessment Tied to Business Strategy.

You need the right leader at the right time. Achieving different business strategies takes different set of competencies. Some leaders are best at driving efficiency, others at increasing customer satisfaction. Identify leaders who are “ready now” to drive your strategy, and those who have the highest potential to grow.

Participants are assessed against the eight most common strategic goals leaders at their level need to execute. Simply select the combination that captures your company’s direction or customize it to your needs.

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Enhance Your Existing Program, Or Build a New One.

Pinsight simulations fit into any leadership development or succession planning program. They are a powerful stand-alone experience or part of a longer program. With a click of a button, you can deploy these day-in-the-life simulations around the world in multiple languages.

We offer coaching and action learning programs that build on the simulation experience. Contact us for more information.

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