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Here's What Our Partners Have to Say

Leslie Hilton
President of SuccessPartner LLC

Pinsight® simulation assessment products provide a valuable and valid new method for assessing leadership behaviors in real time. The simulation assessment is unique in that it provides a live, interactive simulation via virtual experience, thus making it accessible to leaders at many levels without the expense and time of visiting a corporate assessment center offsite.

Janice Caplan, Partner
Scala Associates

At Scala, we recently used the Senior level Pinsight simulation for a CEO recruitment exercise. Firstly, it provided deep, insightful information about the candidate. We were faced with a tough choice in this particular case, as we had two outstanding candidates. The granular detail that emerges from Pinsight helped us make a better match than I have found before with other assessment processes, as it helps you understand not only strengths, and weaknesses but the fit with culture and team too. The second benefit was that it Pinsight was an immersive and positive experience for the candidates.

Shawna Simcik, President
Business Leadership at ICC Inc.

I highly recommend Pinsight® and the simulation assessment product line. At ICC we strive to offer the most innovative products to our clients – this is it. The simulation assessment has taken the outdated, behaviorally-based in-basket exercise and put it online at a budget friendly cost. It provides leaders with a realistic view of their strengths and developmental areas with the highest level of rater reliability – that is, you become so engrossed in the exercise that you believe you are an employee in the fictitious organization. Incredible tool for any developmental opportunity.

Casey Mulqueen, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Product Development

The simulation presents challenging scenarios that assess the most important leadership competencies, particularly for new or first-level managers. One of the real strengths of the simulation assessment is the combination of a valuable assessment and developmental experience along with actionable feedback. The simulation allows participants to showcase their abilities, while also providing a “safe” environment to receive feedback and gain experience in real-world leadership requirements.

Lilly Lin, Ph.D., Director
Talent Measurement Consulting
PAN - Performance Assessment Network

Having come from a larger assessment company, I was at first wary of whether Pinsight could “get it right” in only 3.5 hours vs. the typical grueling 10 hour assessment center process. I was very impressed with the engaging experience and the accuracy of the information provided. To top it all off, the interactive reports which positioned potential against performance blew me away. This is definitely something that I can see PAN clients getting really excited about!

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