Build Better Habits


Leadership Development in Just Minutes a Day

The Leader Habit app delivers daily “workouts” customized to the leader’s natural tendencies making everyday practice sustainable and rewarding. As these small behaviors become automatic, they combine to form the desired leadership skill.


The graphic above shows a woman viewing Pinsight’s Leader Readiness Platform’s analytics and comparing participant performance.

Who’s Moving the Needle?

Track progress of every leader in real time as they continue to master the skills they need. Dynamic dashboards are updated daily with improvement, so that you’ll always have a clear view of your leadership pipeline and bench strength.


The secret to success is in building powerful habits so leadership becomes as natural as making your bed or brushing your teeth.
— Julia Smith, Head of People Excellence at AIG
Forget classes – this is the cutting-edge approach for every modern corporation willing to
invest in their future.
— Kathy Flynn, Vice President of Human Resources at CenturyLink

The Leader Habit Book

Master the skills you need to lead - in just minutes a day

In leadership, as in life, practice makes perfect.

Why focus leadership development on building habits? Because habits are powerful. They can lock us into negative behaviors (like snacking and smoking) or cause us to act automatically in ways that benefit us (such as putting on a seat belt). Whether you realize it or not, habit-driven routines shape much of what you do and how you function. This is true in every aspect of your life, even in complex areas like leadership. The better your leadership habits, the better you will perform as a leader—and the more successful you will be.