Try a Pinsight Leadership Assessment

Try a Pinsight Leadership Assessment


Considering Pinsight for your organization? Try our live leadership assessment with a few employees. Immerse them in a one-hour business simulation with a case study, live role play on webcam, and other interactive leadership challenges.

In addition to the assessment results, they’ll receive 3-month access to our leadership development mobile app. It will generate a personalized development plan and help them practice key leadership behaviors on a daily basis while measuring their progress.

This standard solution targets 7 core leadership skills: Manage Priorities | Make Good Decisions | Focus on Customers | Influence Others | Show Caring | Listen Actively | Mentor and Coach.

Terms & Conditions

The price above is per assessment and it includes the 1-hour live simulation, assessment report, and 3-month access to The Leader Habit App.

After we receive the email addresses of your participants, we will invite them to schedule their simulation using our online scheduling system. Once the simulation date and time is confirmed, it is binding. Reschedules can only happen up to 48 hours prior to the simulation date. Reschedules with less than 48-hours notice will not be allowed and any payment will be forfeited.

This is a limited time offer and all simulations must be completed within 30 days of purchase. All fees are non-refundable. Only 5 simulations per organization for this trial.

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