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Discover why our customers invested in live virtual simulations.

  • Quickly identify leaders ready for promotion, as well as those who needed additional development. The report also identified common training needs across the group.

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  • Participants had 13% lower turnover than other employees and 14% increase in employee engagement. DPS showed 20-point increase in leadership effectiveness scores.

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  • Traditional classroom assessment centers are a much greater burden for the company than virtual ones, which are less people-intensive and easy to administer.

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  • Individuals they had identified as the next successors were not the best candidates for the position but rather, other individuals in the assessed cohorts demonstrated greater potential.

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  • 87% of participants viewed the feedback as accurate. For 87% of participants their next developmental steps were clear.

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  • Within 1 month, 80% of participants saw improvement. Within 1 year 80% of participants had been successfully promoted to leadership positions.

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Here's What Customers Have to Say

Stacy Dvergsdal
Denver Public Schools
Director of Culture Equity & Leadership Team

Pinsight® simulation assessment is a ground breaking, innovative tool that develops front line, high potential, and executive leaders. This creative approach to leadership development will save time and money. Pinsight® are experts in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field and you'll find an exceptional partnership.

Carole Richter
Senior Human Resources Generalist

I found the Pinsight® simulation assessment provided a realistic experience with accurate and insightful results. It could be an invaluable tool for assessing competencies and implementing leadership and high potential development. With a reasonable cost and the ability to target your subsequent training efforts I would predict a good return on your investment.

Jessica Trueblood
Leadership Specialist

Right from the start, I was blown away by the Pinsight® simulation assessment. It was easy to use, both as a user, and as a coach. I have been in Employee Development for over 6 years now, and have not seen a product quite like this one. The feedback you receive as a user is so valuable, because it’s specific to YOU. And more importantly, the simulation assessment goes the extra mile. It answers the ‘So what?’ question by providing a development strategy that helps with any areas for improvement. Fantastic product!

Sandy Bates
Global Director of Human Resources

I have had the pleasure of working with the Pinsight team for a couple of years and have found them to be very prompt, professional and extremely focused. Their knowledge and dedication becomes obvious from your very first interaction with them. The assessment has become a critical part of our selection process and we are starting to utilize them in as part of our internal development process. I couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

David Sheridan
Europa Components plc

We have used Pinsight in the selection of a Managing Director Designate recently. We started with 314 candidates and used Pinsight for the last 3. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The nuances and information provided by this 3 hour computer simulation were most impressive and very insightful. I also liked the fact that the candidates have access for 12 months so that even if unsuccessful with us, they could use the information in their career development.

Kris DExelle
Local Development ICT Section
Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka, a. s., KBC group

I was very surprised to see that this test (Pinsight simulation) could give me in 3 hours for 80 percent the same results I got recently from a very intense assessment center which was spread over several days and where I was being followed by an entire team of observers.

IT Manager
Denver, CO

First: Thank you for this. It was a blast. It was very eye opening to where I can improve upon in my "Actual" work life. I will also say, the actors were great to interact with. It really does give it a vibe unlike normal simulations.

Chief Marketing Officer
Knoxville, TN

All in all though I thought it was a very well done experience and I hope that I performed well in it.

VP Americas
Costa Rica

Dear all, visiting a vacation resort will never be the same! I had a lot of fun in going through this simulation and I’m now curious about the report.

Assistant Principal
Denver, CO

Although some of the feedback that I received yesterday from the simulation was a little hard to swallow, it hasn’t even been 24 hours and I have find myself already using the feedback to change the way I handle things and do business with colleagues. It happened two times yesterday and already three times today! I am very excited and confident that this will truly be an empowering and transformative experience for me. Thanks for pushing my thinking!

Dallas, TX

The executive simulation exercise and feedback session gave me some unexpected valuable self-insight, and highlighted paths for growth.

Bariatric Surgeon
Florence, KY

I thoroughly enjoyed the Pinsight assessment. It was intimidating when I first studied the material. However, with preparation, and focus, I was able to maximize my experience. It was enjoyable to "role play" leadership in a non-threatening environment. Once accomplished, it certainly helped build my confidence. Marta was my evaluator/coach for the Pinsight experience. I really enjoyed our conversation. She was a wonderful listener, and had very insightful information for me to help improve as a leader. I actually learned, from her, how powerful "listening" can be as a tool. She also helped me to realize how I managed to overcome my anxiety of tackling something foreign to me (the business aspect of the simulator) by preparation.

Family Medicine
Covington, KY

I was fortunate enough to have been selected for the next step and this past week took part in the Pinsight simulation which was just a tremendous experience and a real challenge. It was unlike anything I have ever done and required that I utilized skills that I do not use often, and some that I did not know I possessed. I am now in Florida overlooking the gulf and reviewing the report from Pinsight; very insightful and motivating. Thanks again for the opportunity. My only regret is that I did not experience it 20 years earlier in my career.

Dallas, TX

I felt very challenged by the Pinsight assessment- in a good way, and am impressed by the reviewers’ credentials. I look forward to her insightful feedback.

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