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ONLINE WEBINAR: The Leader Habit - Master the skills you need to lead - in just minutes a day

In leadership, as in life, practice makes perfect.

This webinar is about Martin Lanik’s upcoming book, The Leader Habit. He will discuss how you can become a better leader by forming better habits. The method is simple: you identify a leadership skill you want to master, like selling the vision or empowering others, then you practice the skill through a short exercise every day until it becomes a habit. This is the Leader Habit Formula.

In this 45-minute webinar (+15 min for Q&A), Martin Lanik will:

-Explain the Leader Habit Formula

-Spotlight the 5-minute exercises that help you practice the essential leadership skills

-Show you how to practice your leadership skills and turn them into lasting habits

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DisruptHR is built on the belief that how we’ve approached people and talent in the workplace in the past won’t be the best way to approach them in the future. DisruptHR is founded in the idea that ALL businesses (and that includes you, HR!) need to be ready to take some risks, to stir the pot…in short, to DISRUPT.

Martin Lanik, organizational psychologist and CEO of Pinsight®, introduces a solution to the problem of ineffective leadership training. In The Habit Formula: Master Leadership in Just Minutes a Day, Lanik offers a revolutionary new approach that enables people to become better leaders by creating new habits a little at a time.

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Webinar: Diamonds in the Rough: Eliminate Bias in Talent Decisions

Wrong people in leadership positions? Investing in the wrong high-potentials? How do you know? It is very possible that your managers are their own worst enemies when it comes to talent decisions. Who they hire, promote, put on a succession plan, or identify as high-potential is usually subject to favoritism and bias. In fact, decades of research in psychology shows that biases are very common in corporate decision-making and these biases are often the culprit behind poor talent decisions. We all fall prey to these biases, whether we realize it or not. But there is hope – learn what biases impact your decisions and how you can avoid them.

In this 45-minute webinar (+15 min for Q&A), we will discuss:

· Common biases in talent decisions that result in poor hires, successors, and high-potentials

· How to spot these biases in yourself and others

· How to eliminate biases and make better talent decisions

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NCHRA Luncheon Presents: The Leader Habit: Ready to Lead in Just Minutes a Day *Approved for Business Credit!*

Strong leadership skills help us succeed in business and life—that’s why we devote so much time and money to leadership training. Unfortunately, most of this training is ineffective, even when backed by development plans, microlearning opportunties, or regular reminders, because people can’t learn to be better leaders without deliberate practice.
In this talk, Martin Lanik—an organizational psychologist and CEO of Pinsight®, the leader readiness and improvement platform—introduces a solution to the problem of ineffective leadership training: the Leader Habit Formula, a revolutionary new approach that enables people to become better leaders in just minutes a day.

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