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Webinar: Diamonds in the Rough: Eliminate Bias in Talent Decisions

Wrong people in leadership positions? Investing in the wrong high-potentials? How do you know? It is very possible that your managers are their own worst enemies when it comes to talent decisions. Who they hire, promote, put on a succession plan, or identify as high-potential is usually subject to favoritism and bias. In fact, decades of research in psychology shows that biases are very common in corporate decision-making and these biases are often the culprit behind poor talent decisions. We all fall prey to these biases, whether we realize it or not. But there is hope – learn what biases impact your decisions and how you can avoid them.

In this 45-minute webinar (+15 min for Q&A), we will discuss:

· Common biases in talent decisions that result in poor hires, successors, and high-potentials

· How to spot these biases in yourself and others

· How to eliminate biases and make better talent decisions

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