Client & Partner FAQ

+ In what languages is Pinsight available?

For more information on simulation scenarios and how to select the appropriate level, refer to the Pinsight Technical Manual.

Please make sure the Click Here link contained in the invitation email is opened in Chrome or Firefox. When this link is clicked, it opens in the computer’s default browser, if that is Internet Explorer or Safari, it will not work. Copy and paste the entire link into a Chrome or Firefox URL address bar. The simulator platform can only be accessed from a computer’s browser and not a mobile browser. However, The Leader Habit app can be accessed by a mobile browser.

+ What is the process flow for a simulation participant?

Once the invitation email is sent to a participant, they will receive an email from to complete their profile. If they do not receive this email, please have them check their spam folder. If it is not there, please email for further support. Below are the prompts, in chronological order to complete the scheduling and pre-work phases: Terms and conditions/Privacy Policy Voluntary demographic survey IT check Profile set up and picture upload Schedule Personality questionnaire (needs to be completed in one sitting) Learning agility (needs to be completed in one sitting) Practice mode (user can go in and out of the system up until 15 minutes before live session starts)

+ How far into the future can a participant schedule their simulation?

Once the participant completes their profile, the first available time slots will be 48 hours later and for the next 30 days. Each day a participant waits to schedule, more days will be presented to them.

+ How long should a participant spend on pre-work/practice mode?

The preparation phase takes between 2-4 hours for our leadership simulations and 1 hour for the sales professional simulation. They can complete the pre-work at any time from the time they schedule their simulation up until 15 minutes before the live simulation starts.

+ My participant did not complete pre-work, what should I do?

If the participant does not complete the personality and learning agility portions of pre-work at least 30 minutes before the live simulation start time, those items will move to the end of the simulation. They will need to log onto and complete these items after the simulation ends. If the participant did complete these items ahead of time, but did not read the business case information, they may still do well. Some participants do well even without reading this information. However, if you decide this will adversely impact the participant’s results, you can reschedule the simulation before the live simulation starts. With that said, late-cancel fees may apply and may set an unwanted precedent.

+ Do participants need Microsoft Office on their computers to complete the simulation?

Microsoft Office software is not built into the simulator dashboard. Participants should use any Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint (PPT) or Excel that are installed on their computer. They can also use cloud-based documents (for example, Google Docs or Sheets), but those documents must first be saved to their computer’s hard drive in order to attach the file. If participants do not have access to either types of these files, they can create their simulation plans directly into the body of a simulation email message.

+ How long does a simulation last?

The manager, mid-level, sales leader, and senior-level simulation assessments last 3 hours. The sales professional simulation assessment lasts 2 hours.

+ What is the proper telephone number format when setting up a user profile?

Telephone numbers need to include the plus (+) symbol and the country code. For example, +1-800-423-8295.

+ Can a participant change their picture?

Yes, they can change their photo only after the simulation has been completed and they have been assigned the ability to use the Leader Habit app. Participants cannot change their profile photo before they have completed their simulation.

+ Can I change the time of a simulation?

Yes, you can change the time by clicking the Reschedule link in the participant’s profile. When the link is clicked, the participant will have options to choose from that are 48 hours later. Currently, the system does NOT have the capability to change start times by just a few hours before or after the existing scheduled start time.

+ Can I change the date of a simulation?

Yes, you can change the date of the simulation when it is at least 48 hours from the start of the simulation by clicking the Reschedule link in the participant’s profile. When the link is clicked, the participant will have options to choose from that are 48 hours later. Currently, the system does NOT have the capability to change start times by just a few hours before or after the existing scheduled start time. If it is less than 48 hours before the simulation start time, you must contact your Pinsight Admin

The participant receives the following message from Hello Name Simulation reschedule We have received a request to reschedule your Pinsight simulation. To complete the rescheduling process, follow the link below. Please contact should you need assistance. Click here

+ Can I change the time once a simulation has started?

No, start times cannot be changed once a simulation has started. Pinsight Admins can add time on a case-by-case basis. However, we need to ensure fairness to all participants and, consequently, do not want to create an unfair advantage for participants, so only after careful consideration, should time be added.

+ Our participant is running late - how can I help them?

This is a judgement call and should be carefully considered as we do not want to give an unfair advantage to participants. You can add time to the simulation by clicking the Edit button under Actions in the participant table. The Edit button is to the right of the participant’s name. Then scroll down until you find the phrase Extend time. Extend the simulation by adding minutes. (ex. 1 hour - 60 mins). Click on Extend time and add the appropriate minutes in the box that opens in the next window.

+ If a simulation is rescheduled what pre-work will be saved?

The personality questionnaire, the learning agility assessment, and Notes will be saved upon rescheduling. Any responses to pre-work email messages will not be saved. Once participants are rescheduled, some participants will ask if they need to respond to the pre-work emails again. Please note responses to pre-work email messages are not mandatory because the pre-work email messages are mainly designed to familiarize the participant with the simulator dashboard functionality.

+ Will the platform’s scheduler adjust for daylight or summertime time changes?

Yes, the system will automatically account for any times changes that occur throughout the world.

+ If a simulation is rescheduled or cancelled last-minute will we be billed?

Please consult your partner/client agreement for the agreed-upon cancellation policy.

+ What if a participant leaves the company, but I need to keep their data?

This is a situation where you can suspend the user by clicking into their profile and changing their status from Active to Suspended and then click Save. If you need to active the user again, select Active and then click Save

+ What happens if a simulation is scheduled, but not yet completed and I suspend a user?

The user will receive an email notification saying they have been suspended, but the simulation will continue its course in the system. Once you make the user active again, they will receive a new email telling them how to activate their account. In order for the pre-work to be saved and the simulation not to run its course, click the Reschedule link in the participant’s profile. If you do not need the pre-work to be saved, please click the Cancel link to remove the assessment from the participant’s profile without removing the participant.

+ My participant’s video calls are not connecting, what should I do?

You can advise your participant to refresh their browser. If that does not help, our assessors are trained to call the participants over the telephone. If the call isn’t connecting by video, please let your participant know the callers will reach out by telephone.

+ My participant has access issues due to a disability, how do you accommodate for them?

We handle access issues on a case-by-case basis and offer accommodations as needed. For example, additional time to complete an assessment may be offered.

+ How do I activate the Leader Habit app for a participant?

First, the report needs to be shared with the participant in order to activate the Leader Habit app. To share the report, click on Share Report in the participant’s profile. The participant will receive an email notification asking them to log onto where they can view the Analytics, which needs to be done using a computer. After sharing the report, the Leader Habit box needs to be checked in the participant’s profile. The participant will receive a second notification, alerting them that they now have access to the Leader Habit app. The Leader Habit app can be accessed by computer or via mobile phones, the Analytics can only be accessed from a computer.

+ How do I delete a participant? The Delete button won’t let me click it.

A participant can be deleted if they haven’t taken their simulation, yet. In order to do that, please click the Cancel link in the participant’s profile. This will remove them from the assigned assessment and the Delete button will become active. If the participant completed the simulation, the assessment is considered active until the report has been generated and you cannot delete the participant until the report has been generated. Therefore, if a participant did not complete or show up for the session and the simulation ran its course, please contact your Pinsight representative directly. We will have to manually delete them. Currently, the system will NOT have an active delete button if a report has not been generated.

+ How do I send an invitation to an existing user (i.e., a current Stakeholder user) to become a simulation participant?

Go to the existing user’s profile account in Pinsight and click the Add/Remove role link and click the button next to Participant. Once you do this, the +New Assessment button will activate. Add the participant to the appropriate assessment and they will get the invitation email message to schedule their simulation.

+ I am a Pinsight Admin and I need to switch roles for other company admins. How do I switch an admin to a stakeholder?

As an Admin, select the other Admin’s profile, click the Edit link and in the window that opens, click Add/Remove role, uncheck Admin and select the Stakeholder role and click Save.

+ Can a stakeholder add participants to assessments?

No. A stakeholder can only view reports that are shared with them. They cannot add participants nor can they share reports.

+ What reports can a stakeholder see?

Stakeholders can only see the reports that are shared with them.

+ Is there a way to easily organize the participants in platform?

Yes, you can add a Tag to a participant in User Management. This will help you easily search for participants in User Management and in Analytics. Select a tag or create a new tag when adding a new participant or after a participant has already been using the platform. For example, you may have an organization-wide high-potential program, the participants are from different departments, and they are in different cohorts of the program. You could tag the participants to organize them into these different groups.

+ We have a Pinsight Partner account, can our client see the Leader Habit app?

If a report has been shared with the client, they can see their participants’ improvement in the online analytics. No one other than the participant can see what the daily interaction looks like. However, below is an example of the online analytics showing the improvement based on the participant’s completed actions.

+ What are Pinsight’s recommendations for re-assessing previously-assessed participants?

When making your reassessing decisions, consider all variables of your talent management efforts. However, Pinsight recommends that if a participant is taking the same level simulation that at least 12 months’ time has passed since the last completed assessment.