High-tech experiential learning. Accurate assessment of readiness and potential.

Millennials Want Engaging Developmental Experiences.

Millennials learn by doing – practice leadership skills in a fictitious company.

Imagine a live virtual simulation: today, you are the team leader tasked with bringing a new product to market. What’s your go-to-market strategy? How will you engage your team? The phone rings and there is your struggling direct report (actual live human actor) in a webcam chat seeking your help.

Test-drive Millennials. Place them in the hot seat to show what they can do and where they need to grow.

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Participants role-play leadership challenges with live actors on webcam while integrated data analytics assess their readiness and potential.

Technology-Rich Environment for Tech-Savvy Millennials.

Hyper connected Millennials thrive off using technology.

Capture their attention with interactive emails bombarding their fictitious inbox and webcam chats with live human actors. Harness their need for interactive creativity by immersing Millennials in a simulated day-in-the-life experience. It’s the best way to learn!

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Jessica Trueblood
Leadership Specialist

Right from the start, I was blown away by the Pinsight® simulation assessment. It was easy to use, both as a user, and as a coach. I have been in Employee Development for over 6 years now, and have not seen product quite like this one. The feedback you receive as a user is so valuable, because it's specific to YOU. And more importantly, the simulation assessment goes the extra mile. It answers the "So what?" question by providing a development strategy that helps with any areas for improvement. Fantastic product!

Millennial Leaders:
Myths and Reality
Pinsight Research Report

What are the genuine differences of Millennial leaders and what are misconceptions that have side-tracked best practices in leader selection, training, and development?

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Forget the Static PDF Assessment Report!

Millennials want to interact with their feedback.

Whether viewed on a tablet or laptop, Pinsight’s interactive reports are built for the Millennial generation. Let them explore their strengths and gaps related to your business strategy. Let them gain insight about what skills will be easy vs. difficult for them to develop.

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Are Your Overly-Eager Millennials Ready for Leadership Roles?

Some managers call this heightened initiative entitlement, while others may praise it as ambition or even high potential. But is there such a thing as being “too eager” for one’s own and others’ good?

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Quick, Action-Oriented Development for Impatient Millennials.

Just 5 minutes a day.

Each report comes with 5-minutes-a-day development exercises that Millennials can practice on the job. They are quick, simple, and easy. Your impatient Millennials will see immediate results and so will their managers.

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