Day-in-the-life developmental experience without the $10,000 price tag.

Enhance Your High-Potential or Development Program
with Pinsight Simulations.

Think “experience”, not “training”.

Imagine a live virtual simulation: today, you are the team leader tasked with bringing a new product to market. What’s your go-to-market strategy? How will you engage your team? The phone rings and there is your struggling direct report (actual live human actor) in a webcam chat seeking your help.

Place them in the hot seat and let them practice leadership skills in a safe environment.

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Participants role-play leadership challenges with live actors on webcam
while integrated data analytics assess their readiness and potential.

Strategic Insight to Build Development Plans.

Competency-based feedback tied to business strategy.

During the feedback call, leaders gain strategic insight about their strengths and gaps related to the business strategy they need to support. They learn what competencies will be easy vs. difficult for them to develop. Their individual development plan will be aligned with the business strategy of your company.

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Although some of the feedback that I received yesterday from the simulation was a little hard to swallow, it hasn’t even been 24 hours and I have found myself already using the feedback to change the way I handle things and do business with colleagues. It happened two times yesterday and already three times today! I am very excited and confident that this will truly be an empowering and transformative experience for me. Thanks for pushing my thinking!

Assistant Principal
Denver, CO

Pinsight’s Guide to Quality Stretch Assignments

This guide provides recommendations and considerations for creating optimal STRETCH assignments for your employees.

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Forget the Static PDF Assessment Report!

Our interactive reports are built for the adult learner.

Pinsight’s interactive reports can be viewed on a tablet or laptop. Let them explore strengths and gaps related to your business strategy. Deep insights build self-awareness and guide learners to create accelerated development plans.

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Denver Public Schools Case Study

Participants had 13% lower turnover than other employees and 14% increase in employee engagement. DPS showed 20-point increase in leadership effectiveness scores.

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Quick, Action-Oriented Development
Sticks Far Longer Than Classroom Training.

Just 5 minutes a day.

Each report comes with 5-minutes-a-day developmental exercises that leaders can practice on the job. They are quick, simple, and easy. Your impatient learners will see immediate results and so will their managers.

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