Simplify talent reviews, automate the 9-box, and base succession decisions on objective data.

Managers Misidentify the Right Talent for Succession 60% of the Time.
Replace Personal Bias with Objective Metrics.

Understanding your bench has never been easier.

See how ready your leaders are to achieve your strategic goals. Need to increase customer satisfaction or enhance operational efficiency? Are your managers ready to achieve those goals now or perhaps they need development? How quickly can you get your team ready? We give you the answers.

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Participants role-play leadership challenges with live actors on webcam
while integrated data analytics assess their readiness and potential.

A More Robust, Automated 9-Box.

Don't be a slave to the standard talent review process.

Pinsight simplifies the usually tedious and overly complicated talent review process. Run key employees through the simulations and assess their performance and potential at the same time. Data automatically populates a 9-box grid.

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PKC Group Case Study

Quickly identify leaders ready for promotion, as well as those who needed additional development. The report also identified common training needs across the group.

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Pinsight Guide to Running Effective Talent Review Meetings

Meetings are painful, frustrating, and more unproductive than productive when run ineffectively, as they often are. Given the importance of talent reviews, use the following recommendations to guide your future meetings.

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Curriculum That Fits Business Goals and Successors’ Needs.

Targeted development, rather than a spray-and-pray approach.

Development programs usually take a "spray and pray" approach, using the same curriculum for everyone. Invest wisely in successors' development using Pinsight's pinpoint accuracy. Our automated training needs analysis is derived directly from your business strategy.

Identify gaps. Get your successors ready faster.

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Putting the “Success” in Your Succession Plan

60% of newly promoted managers fail. Beat the odds. Are your successors ready? Learn how to accurately measure it. Three factors that determine successors’ readiness.

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Promotions Without Surprises.

SWOT Analysis.

Run a personal SWOT analysis on each successor to get the full picture. What strengths can they leverage? What threats may get in their way as they work towards the strategic goals?

Identify who's ready for the next step, rather than promoting simply to reward.

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