Interviews and tests only tell a partial story. We go beyond first impressions. We believe that fair assessments give candidates a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and give you scientifically validated data to make the best hiring and promotion decisions. 


Who Uses Pinsight

Our Method

We utilize a Virtual Assessment Center: a high-tech, high-touch leadership assessment that measures candidates’ capabilities in a business simulation. It is a rapidly deployable and cost-effective online assessment combining a live business simulation with psychometric tests that give you objective data on employees and job candidates. Learn More →


How We Differ

We use live human role-players during our interactive online leadership assessments. The combination of trained human assessors and leading-edge technology results in the most accurate prediction of readiness and potential for leadership roles – and with 24-hour turnaround on assessment reports.


People Insights We Provide

Leadership Readiness

Who’s the best fit for the role? Are they ready now? How long before they reach full productivity?

Christina Sanchez

Leadership Competencies

Do they have the right set of competencies to succeed in the role? In your company?

Laura Aiko

Personality Traits

Are there any red flags that may derail them? Will they fit within your company culture?

Roy Torres

Learning Agility

How quickly can they learn the job and reach full productivity? Can they grow even further?