We believe that every person has untapped potential and can become a great leader.  We lean on science to personalize development to every leader’s unique strengths and needs. To create lasting change, we employ a continuous process of daily practice.

The Leader Habit book, international best seller by Martin Lanik.

Our Approach

Our leadership development is based on The Leader Habit formula, a highly personalized leadership development process that focuses on building effective habits. The method is simple and backed by science: identify a leadership skill you can master quickly, like selling the vision or empowering others, then practice the skill through a short exercise every day until it becomes a habit. Get the Book →

How We Differ

Our leadership development focuses on daily practice. We combine the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science to tailor the development process to the unique needs of each individual and changing his or her behavior.

How It Works

A Pinsight leadership readiness participant participates in a role-play with an assessor during a live simulation.

Get Insights
Tailored to You

In our business simulation, leaders find out where they already excel and where they can grow quickly. Powered by artificial intelligence, our technology then generates a tailored development plan for each leader.
A Pinsight participant uses the leader habit app to complete their daily leader habit exercise.

Five Minutes a Day
Is All You Need

Everyone’s time is precious and our technology delivers targeted daily "workouts“ directly to leaders’ smartphones. These exercises only take a few minutes to complete. With practice, the micro-behaviors combine to form the new skill.
Someone views Pinsight performance analytics for three participants on a laptop computer.

Get Immediate

Who’s moving the needle? As leaders track their practice, they get immediate feedback. They can see where they’re improving at the fastest rate and adjust their development plan to what makes sense for their business.

People Insights We Provide

This graphic shows the skill gaps analytics tab.

Development Gaps

What are the most common development needs in your company? And who are the people needing training?

This graphic shows the performance analytics tab.

Strengths & Development

What are the strengths and development needs of each leader? How do they compare to global benchmarks?

This graphic shows the learning agility analytics tab.

Learning Agility

Who has the right attitude about learning and can actually learn quickly? Who should you invest in developing?

This tab shows a section of the leader habit app screen with improvement and days left to practice.

Daily Improvement

How much are people improving on a daily basis? Who’s practicing and who needs additional support?