We can help you move your assessment centers online. Modernize your assessment center practice, enhance operational efficiency, and decrease cost.

Virtual Assessment Center Platform

Our award-winning Virtual Assessment Center Platform combines the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science to help global corporations and consultancies modernize their assessment center practice, enhance operational efficiency, and decrease cost.

How It Works

Upload your content_shadow.png

Upload Your Content

Upload your unique, custom-built content and differentiate your offerings from the competition.

Automated reports_shadow.png

Automated Reports

Streamlined scoring and automatic report generation ensure consistency and fast turnaround.


Online Scheduling

Online scheduling increases convenience for participants and reduces administrative burden.


Narrative Interpretation

Add your expertise and personal touch with a narrative summary of the assessment results.

webcam roleplays_shadow.png

Webcam Role Plays

Integrated video conference technology allows for seamless role-play exercises and interviews.

Development App_shadow.png

Development App

The development app ensures that insights turn into action and behavior change.

How We Differ

Pinsight® launched the first end-to-end virtual assessment center platform - a solution that made high-touch leadership assessments both scalable and affordable. Our latest innovation provides leaders with a high-tech and highly personalized leadership development process after the virtual assessment center.

Choose from Different Reporting Options

Graphic showing the 9-box analytics screen.

Readiness for leadership

Potential to grow.png

Potential to grow

Graphic showing the bench analytics screen.

9-box placement

Personality traits.png

Personality traits

Graphic showing the leader readiness analytics screen.

Bench strength

Learning agility.png

Learning agility

Graphic showing a zoomed up section of the 9-box analytics table with recommendation and miniature 9-box for each participant.

Skill gaps for development

Leadership competencies.png

Leadership competencies

Key Platform Benefits



Our web-based, end-to-end technology platform ensures consistent deployment of content and process on any device, anywhere in the world. No downloads or additional software required.



Candidates are compared to global benchmarks resulting in the most accurate prediction of readiness and potential for leadership roles – and with 24-hour turnaround on assessment reports.



Available in multiple languages and in every time zone, making the assessment center globally scalable. Candidates self-schedule their assessment – with availability during off-hours and weekends.