Webinar: Shorter & Faster Leadership Assessments


Thursday, June 27 at 2pm ET | 11am PT

Traditionally leadership assessments relied heavily on consultants and their expertise, and were constricted by brick and mortar administration. The key benefit of these type of assessments is that you can measure employees’ behavior directly – you place them in a simulation and see how well they make decisions, communicate, or collaborate. Now that technology has made leadership assessments more convenient and cost-effective, there is a new push to deliver an even shorter version to a larger number of employees. So what are these “shorter & faster” assessment centers like?

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • New trends in virtual assessment centers to deliver shorter and faster versions that organizations can utilize for every leader in their company.

  • How to design shorter assessments but still maintain high levels of predictive validity.

  • How integration with mobile apps that can aid in the post-assessment development process.

About the Presenters

ML headshot (1).jpg

Martin Lanik is the Chief Executive Officer at Pinsight. He holds a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from Colorado State University.


Michelle Brown is the Vice President of Client Success at Pinsight. She hold an Executive MBA from University of Denver.


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