Succession decisions are often plagued with guesses and personal preferences. We believe in a fair, evidence-based process that gives you objective data, so that you can identify true high-potentials and develop your next generation of leaders faster.

Our Technology

Our Leader Readiness Platform is the first integrated leadership assessment and development technology that supports talent reviews and succession planning. Finally a way to continuously develop leaders on the job and objectively measure every leader every day, in real time.

The leader habit app on a mobile phone, and the Pinsight performance analytics on a laptop computer.

How We Differ

Pinsight® leader readiness platform uses science to evaluate the skills needed to execute specific business strategies, predict when leaders will be ready to execute those strategies, facilitate continuous development, and track improvement of abilities in real-time.

How It Works

A live simulation is conducted by an assessor, a Pinsight participant participates.

Who Is Ready Now?

Who is ready for a bigger role? Who could be ready in six or twelve months? Give them the bigger job now in an online simulation and find out. Measure baseline readiness and plot everyone on a 9-box using scientifically validated data.
The Leader Habit app daily skill exercise on a mobile phone.

Get Them Ready Faster

Our technology generates a development plan for each leader, tailored specifically to his or her unique strengths and needs. Every day our app delivers targeted "workouts“ directly to your leaders’ smartphones that only take a few minutes to complete.
Pinsight performance analytics on a laptop screen.

Daily Talent Analytics

Who’s moving the needle? How do your leaders stack up against global benchmarks? Dynamic dashboards are updated daily as your leaders practice and improve, so that you’ll always have a clear view of your leadership pipeline and bench strength.
Graphic showing the 9-box analytics screen.

9-box Placement

Who are your high-performers and high-potentials? How do they stack up against global benchmarks?

Graphic showing the bench analytics screen.

Bench Strength

Who has the right skill set to execute each one of your business goals? Who is a better fit for the role?

Graphic showing the leader readiness analytics screen.

Leadership Readiness

Who is ready for a bigger role? How much development do they need before they’ll be ready?

Graphic showing a zoomed up section of the 9-box analytics table with recommendation and miniature 9-box for each participant.

Potential to Grow

Who has the most potential to grow and can develop quickly? Who should you invest in developing?