Pinsight® virtual assessment center evaluates the competencies needed to execute specific business strategies, predicts when leaders will be ready to execute those strategies, facilitates continuous development, and tracks improvement of abilities in real-time. Pinsight® enables all organizations to hire, promote, and develop leaders in a more efficient and cost-effective way.


How It Works

This graphic shows the Pinsight participant scheduling screen.

1. Schedule

Choose a preferred date and time for the live simulation using an online scheduler.

This graphic shows the My Files section of the live simulation.

2. Preparation

Prepare for the live simulation. Read about the fictitious company scenario and practice using the simulation technology.

This graphic shows an example of the Pinsight personality questionnaire.

3. Pre-work Assessments

Complete a personality questionnaire and a learning agility assessment.

This graphic shows the the dashboard of the live simulator, with an overview of the participant’s emails, calendar events, contacts, and notes.

4. Simulation

Complete a day-in-the-life simulation, respond to emails and participate in realistic role-play scenarios.

This graphic shows an example of Pinsight’s analytics report, specifically the Performance section of the report.

5. Analytics

Make the right hiring and succession decisions with detailed individual and group reports.

This graphic shows a laptop and phone. The laptop is showing an example of the 9-box section of the analytics report with changes to improvement based on a participant’s use of the leader habit app. The phone shows an example of an daily exercise screen in the leader habit app.

6. Leader Habit App

Close the leadership gaps with daily exercises fed to your smartphone.


Results Available the Next Day

We use live role-players and human assessors during our interactive online assessment center. Using AI and behavioral science, we offer your leaders an individualized development plan, ensuring they continue to develop after their assessment. With a click of a button, you can deploy leading-edge assessment centers and revolutionary leadership development application across the world with results available the next day.


Key Benefits

Consistent End-to-End Technology


Our web-based, end-to-end technology platform ensures consistent deployment of content and process on any device, anywhere in the world. No downloads or additional software required.

Accurate Prediction of Leadership Readiness


Candidates are compared to global benchmarks resulting in the most accurate prediction of readiness and potential for leadership roles – and with 24-hour turnaround on assessment reports.

Scalable and Available Globally


Available in multiple languages and in every time zone, making the assessment center globally scalable. Candidates self-schedule their assessment – with availability during off-hours and weekends.